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Hey anyone on here darkside or know someone who does darkside?

For those of you who don't know, darksiding is the practice of using car tires on your motorcycle. Typical users are into long distance touring.

If it works it works, I think its rather ingenious if they're seeing longer tire life and increased wet weather traction. Its not like you're getting much past 20 degrees of lean on a Bagger anyways


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I know several people that do it. I've heard all the arguments on both sides of the topic.

Here is my $0.02:

Your life on a motorcycle is held by two very small contact patches with the ground. Everything you do depends on those patches staying stuck. Extremely smart people design and engineer tires to do specific jobs. Just because you can substitute one for another and it 'works' does not mean that it is the optimal choice. With good quality MC tires able to run more than 10,000 miles, the need to go looking at car tires is fairly small economically. What you also find is that the 'best' car tires to install on an MC seem also to be fairly poor car tires. You also have many darksiders who think the rear is fine, but no way would they ever swap the front - and for the same reasons that many put forward for not using a car tire at all. Braking, stability, and proper contact patch.

My life, my kids, etc. are all worth the cost of quality MC tires.

But, you know what? That said, I would be right there on the line to defend your right to make the decision for yourself. Absolutely none of my business what you use. And the nanny state should keep its nose out of it too.

If, in fact, insurance companies were actually able to charge rates based on risk, then you can be sure that they would have already studied the issue and charged based on the findings. You know what? It is entirely possible there is NO RISK, or such an insignificant one that it doesn't matter. It is possible. I simply err on the side of caution when it comes to that very thin margin between life and death, and those very small contact patches of my tires to the road are one of them.

This is my same view on helmet laws. We don't need laws, what we need is an insurance system that can set rates on the actual risk. You want the wind in your hair? Pony up the money to cover the risk and go for it.
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I know a guy on a Victory that will only run darkside. Then I know another who swears he almost wrecked it because of it and took the tire off right away. I have a feeling that the latter was an experience with a too new tire and had nothing to do with the size. He was complaining that the tire slipped on a corner.

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Well !

This is serious stuff, And I go along with Chris on this one,

Manufactures spend a lot of money on perfecting tyres for two wheeled vehicles, and I'm not going to risk my life checking out alternatives,

In the 60s I was riding around on rubber so hard , they'd only put it on wheel barrows today,

On three or four wheels, that's slightly different, but even so, if you had an accident and injured someone, and it was found you had the incorrect tyres fitted to that vehicle, there's a 99.9 per cent chance you would get prosecuted or worse,

Just my opinion, But you do what you please, it's your money to waste
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super stupid peoples that use car tires ! they do know nothing about the real different of construction between bike/ car-tires......or better , why they must be different....

and helmet: if there is nothing inside to protect so.......
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